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Promperu — Improving usability, appeal and performance

Promperú is a Tourism Specialized Technical Agency of the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade, responsible for the Promotion of Peru in exports, tourism, and image.



User Experience approach

Ensure your shoppers can get to products in two clicks or less

Instead, we decided to present our products as soon as your shoppers visit the homepage or first-level category page. This ensures your shoppers see products within two clicks.

Mobile firstness

Mobile Web Design Isn’t a Niche.

As smartphone screens grow larger, and people are spending more time on mobile overall, consumers are booking more travel on mobile. That's why Mobile browsing represented 92.5% of the total.

Since re-launching the site in September 2017, its mobile sites now render and fully load 69% faster. Further, The conversation has improved significantly.


In this project I decided to redesign my whole design process by putting more focus on usability, engage and conversion rates. The final result looks very clean, useful and inspirational and that works very well.

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