Falabella — A unique voice for marketing campaigns.

Falabella — Una voz única para las campañas de marketing

Falabella is one of the leading online and offline retail products companies based in Latin America.

Falabella es uno de los líderes en retail y comercio electrónico en Lationamérica.



mas zapatos en tus manos

The first 100% ecommerce campaign

Falabella.com set out to be the leading brand in electronic commerce for the women's footwear category. The campaign was communicated by television, press, radio, outdoors and social media towards falabella.com.

The results were satisfactory. The sale compared to the previous year doubled and the brand managed to position itself in the "top of mind" of the category.

Other Campaigns

We worked in more than 100 landing pages in 2017. 5 times more projects than the past year.

A new bundle of modules driven by every necessity

We learned about the goals of every campaign and decided to design new modules that acomplish every goal being consistent with the new visual style.


I'm trully satisfied to learned how to ideate, create and manage a design system. It has been a challenge to work on marketing campaigns with an e-commerce approach..

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