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Last update: October 2018

I'm 28 years smart and talented User Interface Designer passionate about User Experience.

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I studied Advertising attracted by creativity and the impact that the visual can have in the daily life of people. But, as I progressed in the race, I understood the importance of correct research to achieve relevant and effective products. That's why I consider myself as a research-driven creative designer.

I have a lot of different passions in life, and am constantly trying to figure out how everything works and how to make everything work better. That's why I decided to be a "designer who codes". A curious designer who is able to execute on them himself.

My work is focused on creating useful and engaging digital experiences. I’ve been designing for tourism and e-commerce companies, but the most I love is sharing knowledge and learn from other sides of creativity.


  • Collaborate with business stakeholders, product managers and developers.
  • Maintains and contributes to the style guide so that it stays up-to-date with current trends.
  • Creates and iterates on concepts.
  • Wireframes and early prototypes with a strong focus on intuitive.
  • User-centered design thinking and optimal usability.


  • Process flows (information architecture, current vs desired user flows).
  • Presentation designs.
  • UI elements and components.
  • Design specs.
  • Mockups.
  • Low to mid/hi fidelity wireframes.
  • Interactive prototypes.



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